Meet Our DJs

We attach a great deal of importance to the music. We know it can make all the difference.

Tomaz Leskovsek (Slovenia)

Knowing and feeling the music is a very important part of dancing tango for me. And that led me on my path to DJing. I had the honour to DJ at popular encuentros and marathon in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Albania and Germany.

I try to convey the beauty of mainly Golden age era tangos to the gentle embrace and smooth movement of the dancers. If the moment is just right, I like to carefully cross this golden border a little bit. I like to create happy vibes milonga, including carefully selected cortinas, with some moments for deep and sweet emotions too.

Martin Rybczynski (USA)

Martin Rybczynski (from Boulder, Colorado) specializes in traditional tango. Martin likes to drive the milonga experience to its peak, drawing from a wide variety of golden age classics. He carefully considers the emotional impact of the music on the dancers and weaves the mood of the evening with deliberate subtlety.

Martin has deejayed at numerous events in Colorado. He has appeared at encuentros in Salida, Santa Fe, and Salt Lake City. He has been featured at tango festivals in Denver (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Natural Tango, Tango on the Rocks), San Diego, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque.

Patrick Demars (France)

I hope to enhance couples’ fun and emotions with my choice of music in their shared experience of milonga. My own pleasure is to swirl them on a musical wave of the 30s and 50s mostly. As for sung tango, I like to choose voices that groove the lyrics. A large part of my musical collection is HD to guarantee top sound quality. Tango “musicalizador” for over 12 years (Francia, Europa and Uruguay).

Alan Twigg (Europe)

I love playing the beautiful rich music that tango is. It’s a genuine pleasure for me to put together tandas that move people to dance.

There is so much wonderful music to choose from and so much richness and depth. It’s amazing. There are wonderful orchestras, truly talented singers and some incredible combinations of both.

Twigg UG
Burgstraße 8
D-26655 Westerstede, Germany

T +49 (0)4488 / 520 39 83

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